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This website aims at providing an updated checklist for lichen species from Vietnam. When possible, the species distribution range across Vietnam are also provided.


A first lichen checklist of Vietnam was published by André Aptroot and Laurens Sparrius in 2006 (Aptroot & Sparrius 2006), following a fieldtrip by these authors in Northern Vietnam in 2004. This checklist included 275 species, among which 122 were reported for the first time. Many records were obtained from the literature, including the early works from Krempelhuber (1873), Müller (1891), Harmand (1928), Abbayes (1964) and Tixier (1966).

As part as a collaboration between the Natural History Museum (London, UK) and the Vietnam National Museum of Nature (Hanoi, Vietnam), two collecting trips were organised in 2011 and 2012, the first in Northern Vietnam and the second in South Vietnam. Lichen species collected by Cécile Gueidan during these fieldtrips have been added to the checklist, as well as new records recently published by a South Korean research group led by Prof. Hur (Sunchon National University).

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