Welcome to Checklist of the Lichens of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with an extraordinary richness in species and habitats, which however mostly remain unexplored. Among the poorly-studied group of organisms in Vietnam are the lichens, a symbiotic association between a fungus and a photosynthetic partner (often green algae or cyanobacteria). They are found in most ecosystems, from mangrove forests to rock outcrops at high elevations. Although often overlooked, they are ubiquitous and are an important part of Vietnam's biodiversity.

This website provides a checklist of the lichens currently reported from Vietnam. The checklist is based on records from past and recent publications as well as yet-to-be published collections. In its current stage, the checklist is far from being exhaustive, but we hope to engage lichen enthusiasts in improving our knowledge of the lichen flora of Vietnam.

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